Markdown bookmarklets in the browser

Copy the current URL as a markdown link:

javascript:(function(){navigator.clipboard.writeText('[' + document.title + '](' + document.location.href + ')').catch((error) => { alert(`Copy failed! ${error}`); }); })();

Copy the current email as a markdown link:

javascript:(function() { navigator.clipboard.writeText('[Mail: ' + document.getElementsByClassName("allowTextSelection")[0].title + '](' .concat(window.location.href.split("/id/")[1]) .concat('&exvsurl=1&viewmodel=ReadMessageItem') + ')').catch((error) => { alert(`Copy failed! ${error}`); }); ;})()

These bookmarklets are useful to copy links into your Markdown editors such as Logseq, Obsidian, Joplin, etc.

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